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Dessert in a glass!

Hey Every Body!

We have a new product for you to try. It's stevia sweetened. It's mixed with water and easy to "take along". The best part is - it's DELICIOUS! There are many different flavors. I like them all but cappacino and mocha are my favorites. I have a feeling the lime drink will be a favorite this summer though. It's light, refreshing and feels indulgent. I hope you'll try this GrenX product. It could be the difference between sticking with P2 and not this summer. It's like dessert in a glass!

It works out to about $1.40 or less per serving. That's less than most soda drinks and certainly less than a trip to the coffee bar. And it will help us all be "Less of Me"! You'll find the link on the "Less of Me" page.

So pull up a chair on the deck and enjoy the summer....

Oh! and the medical benefits aren't bad either! lol It's a green tea base!


1 comment:

  1. I checked the website for GrenX and it says it is sweetened with Sucralose (splenda) not stevia. Have they changed their recipe?


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