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Testing report

Tomorrow begins VLCD again. And I've got a whole separate test to go with it. lol. I have suspicions on what it's going to do, as I'm doing some pretty extreme alkalinizing, but I'll keep track of what it's doing in conjunction with HCG and report back. :)

Incidentally, this is me testing inside testing inside testing. :) So, I've got the RoundSet testing I'm doing (this is Round3.VLCD.3) as well as extreme alkalinizing. Then, when the stall out hits, I'm going to switch to a whole different method of "VLCD" that I've got testing with some pretty great results.

So, serious testing going on right here! hahaha! I'm ok with this, though, because I've already got documented results from VLCD.1 and VLCD.2 to compare with VLCD.3 so I can sort out the actual results of the extreme alkalinizing. Then, I've got one set of results to compare the "VLCD" and sort out the different results there, too.

However, I AM doing what I normally don't do - which is double or triple test.

As soon as I've got duplicates of "VLCD," I'll let you all in on what myself and those testing with me are doing. It seems to be a 50-50 shot right now, though, so I'm trying to figure out why it's only working for 1/2 of us. I'm wondering if it's got something to do with Blood Type Eating. What I mean by that is that some of us do brilliantly with Atkins, for instance, while others of us just feel terrible doing Atkins.

I do brilliantly with Atkins. Mom doesn't. I got great results with this "VLCD" testing while Mom didn't. It's a guess at this point, though, so don't read too much into it! :)

And, of course, I'll let you all in on a few of the other tests and results that I'm still doing a little sorting out on. So much to report back, so little time to type it! lol.

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