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My "RoundSet" Plan

So, I'm waiting for the female cycle thing to end, then I start my "Round Set" test:

1) 3 days of loading
2) 28 days of HCG+VLCD
3) 2 days of VLCD
4) 10 days of Interruption (normally called "P3" or "Phase 3")
Return to step 2.

NO MULTIPLES OF LOADING! That's the best part!

So, where's this coming from? Um. Research - me poking at things until I can find a better way to make them work... Tests. LOL! Here's the bit from Pounds and Inches that makes me think this will work:

"If an interruption of treatment lasting more than four days is necessary, the patient must increase his diet to at least 800 Calories by adding meat, eggs, cheese, and milk to his diet after the third day, as otherwise he will find himself so hungry and weak that he is unable to go about his usual occupation. If the interval lasts less than two weeks the patient can directly resume injections and the 500-Calorie diet, but if the interruption lasts longer he must again eat normally until he has had his third injection."

Basically, I'll get 10 days of Breves and Divine Coffee, cheese, & extra meats without incurring the need for those loading days. I like this idea A LOT. I don't miss the sugars/starches so much (especially having found that stevia dark chocolate we can have in P3), so I see no need to go into a full blown P3 and onto P4 for a while.

Birthdays are over, holidays are over - it's time to get down business! lol.

I'm going to do at least two RoundSets (March-April-May-June) and may extend into a third or fourth, depending on how I like this setup. I can see where this will be much easier than just doing a LOOOOONNNNGGG VLCD portion, like Mom & I did the first time around (55 days - ugh. ::blech::), but I'll get the same benefits as having that long round, in the higher fat releases delivered much faster than doing "normal" full rounds of P1-P4. NICE!

So, looking at the calendar, this should be what I'm doing:

03.04 Begin Loading
03.07 Begin VLCD+HCG.1
04.01 Begin VLCD.1
04.03 Begin Interrupt.1
04.14 Begin VLCD+HCG.2
04.12 Begin VLCD.2
04.14 Begin Interrupt.2 (or P3 if this isn't working out for me)

I'll be using Jason Hill's drops for this as well as trying out another little tidbit from someone else that includes a breakfast... More on that when I find out if it works for me or not, k? I'll just leave that little teaser there for ya. ::grins:: So, why Jason's drops? That's a whole other discussion, really, but the short answer is there's less filler. It's more pure and I like that. :)

Whatcha think?


  1. I cant wait to see if it works, and if you reach immunity (though I guess its hard to when you are doing homeopathic)...I want to do two more short rounds after this (im heading into P3 Thurs) so it would be helpful not to have to do P4 twice more and have it take a lot longer...

    Good luck!

  2. i love the fact that you are leading the way for the future of HCG...you are definitely one to listen too when these tests show that a variation does work...

  3. Love your blog! Great info. I'd love your opinion. I did my 1st round, lost 16 lbs. (which is all I wanted to lose), follwed the rules by the book. On my 4th day on maintinance, I gained 4lbs!!! A couple of days after I had major dental work & couldnt eat, lost 2 lbs. Then did steak day and didn't lose anything. I still haven't had any starch or sugar. Any thought on the gain, or lack of losing it??? Since P2, I have not had regualr bowel movements at all and nothing I take seems to help. Could this be the issue? Any info is helpful!

  4. I'm excited to hear how things are going and more details about the breakfast... :)

  5. Are you waiting to make any more posts to see what happens? I keep checking in here and wanting to see how your progress is coming. I do hope it is working for you in every respect.



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