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P3: Chocolate

I got the chocolate today! There's 8 bars that comes with that one pound order for $32. ($4 a bar). Kind of expensive, but it's a real treat to have a chocolate that I can just grab and eat without feeling it on the scale tomorrow.

What'd I think of it? First, I have to say that I like really dark chocolate. I'm not a milk chocolate fan - much too sweet for me and ... I'm just not a fan unless it's close to my cycle time, at which point I just want chocolate. lol.

The first bite really bites back with the bitter taste of a dark chocolate. Because I was looking for it, the second little square gave me the undercurrents of the small quantity of stevia in it.

The third little square, however, I just let myself enjoy the flavors all mingled together. It's got a sultry dark chocolate taste to it first, followed by something of an oak flavor - smokey and just hints at how the cacao beans were handled....

On the right side of my tongue, I can taste a little something of rum and the left side gets the slightly saltiness that only a dark chocolate can give. The back of my tongue, just before I swallow, shows off the rich chocolate taste. After swallowing, the mouth is left with a dryness I associate with a dry white wine.

Basically: Yummy!

Where can you get it? RIGHT HERE!

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