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Cheating: Emotional Ties

So, cheating. Sooooo many of us do it. That many of us have no idea why and we beat ourselves up for doing it... I don't have a magic solution for it, unfortunately, but I do have thoughts on the subject. (Imagine that, huh?)

I'd been on several diets and never found one that 'stuck.' I always gained the weight back. Then, I read a book, "Feelings Buried Alive Never Die." THAT really opened my eyes to the emotional side of the fat I kept. That's what began my weight release journy about a year before I started HCG.

And, make no mistake, I made daily CHOICES to keep my fat. *I* did it. ME, no one else. After reading the book, I went through a lot of self examination and found the seed of why I was keeping weight.

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