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P4: Week One Plan

Whew! It's been quite a ride this weekend so far... Saturday was day one of P4. I didn't weigh in because we get up and leave so early. It's sort of silly to even look unless I'm within 1/2 hour of "normal" weigh in time. Then Sunday I slept in so late that I still didn't get to that normal time. Today, the kids (4 of 'em) woke me up pre-dawn, so again, no scale for me.

I had to check in at least, after three days of eating *some* starches and sugars, too. I'm exactly +2#LDW. Of course, I was expecting wild fluctuations this first week and I'm NOT going to do a single correction day this whole first week, regardless of what the scale says.


My plan is to keep having my single apple and cheese meal and make sure that I've got these proportions of foods:
50% Meat/Fats/Dairy
20% Veggie
20% Fruit (apple)
10% Starches/Sugars
100% WATER! lol

I'll weigh in every day, but I'm not doing anything about any gain and just allowing my body to find it's natural new center. During the second week, I'll work on bringing it back to LDW.

During the third week, I'll work on bringing it to -10#LDW before I begin my next "round set."

It's quite a plan and definitely NOT what Dr. S told us to do. However, I feel like I know *my* body better (especially at this point) than Dr. S does (did).

I've got ovulation going on right now (always a gain there), lack of sleep, performance jitters, a possible cold, and lots of other stuff going - so any scale weighing would just make it all that much worse. I'm just going to shelve all that self-induced stress, enjoy an epsom salt bath today after the guests go home and relax. :)

1 comment:

  1. Hey Jayme, thanks so much for the inspiration. Is there anyway I can e-mail you? I have a ? for you that I don't want publicized ;)
    E-mail me at jana.fail@gmail.com
    I'm a fan at Facebook.


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