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Warning: Dressing in the Dark

This morning, I got up and got dressed. I didn't lay the clothes out the night before, and there in lay the problem. Ok, not the only problem, but at least it was A problem.

Most articles of clothing, really, can only be put on one way. For instance, you'd know right away if your bra was on backwards or inside out. You'd know immediately if the heel of your sock was on the top of your foot. Jeans generally button and zip up the front (not always, but generally). Shirts, too, generally button up the front.

Underware, it turns out, can be put on any which way, when you're behind has shrunk. This morning, dressing in the dark, I put my underware on backwards - it felt kind of funny, but the front of the panties fit my behind, so I just got dressed and didn't pay any attention to the extra fabric bunched up in the front. Since there's no tag (it's printed on the fabric), there was no way for me to tell which was front and which was back while dressing in the dark.

I have *just now* realized that my underware are on backwards.

It may be time for some new panties. ::grins::

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