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HCG Drops

We have some NEWS!

Jason Hill released his HCG to us at a phenomenal discount rate! You need to use coupon code“jaymehunt-hcg” and you get $10 off his normal price. That's almost his cost! So, for $30 (price includes shipping even), you can get your drops from a reputable source who also offers to support you, free of charge, while you're following the protocol! That's just incredible! His shop is where I'll be buying from in the future. http://www.thinkhcgdrops.com

If you find that you need some help and support, even if you don't purchase the drops from him, we found that Jason Hill at http://www.pounds-and-inches.com still offers FREE consulting and support! You can email him at info@pounds-and-inches.com. In our experience, he gets back to you with an answer within, at most, half an hour.

You can always find this information located just underneath our cookbook, too, so it's easy to find. :)


  1. So i would like to know some of the recipes that are in your book to see if i would like to buy this book when i start up again i will be doing the 40 day one and need new ideas
    you could email me at jillerpat@gmail.com

  2. Is this HCG or HHCG? I did regular pharm hcg and I wanted to try hhcg. I just don't understand how hhcg works if there isn't any hormone in it.

  3. Hi,

    After reading your post, I think it is a fresh news for everyone. I am also interested in latest news about Best hCG. It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thanks you


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