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Maintenance Planning

Yesterday was my first day of P3 (no sugars, no starches). I don't like life to happen to me, but rather I like to have full control of what's happening in my life. It's a border-line control freak thing - it just doesn't overflow all over other people's lives (as a general rule).

So, my first day, I did an Apple/Cheese Day. I'm now 2.5# under LDW. Tonight, I'm planning to do a semi-steak night. It's only a pseudo Steak Day because I enjoyed a breve, some cheese, some apples, and a salad. I'm just ending the night with a steak dinner. Certainly, not because I have to, at 2.5# UNDER, but it's a planning thing, so I can keep a larger buffer zone.

I like a big buffer zone. 5# ought to be about right. I am considering some ongoing losses in this phase, just to see what it does to me (test, test, test - I can't help myself!). I figure that if I'm not protein deficient, I should be doing just fine. I don't know why - really, why - Dr. Simeon said DON'T lose further after the VLCD. I'd think that if you can safely and easily release more, well. YEA! GO!

I'll be able to lock in any further releases with Round 3 (planning for mid-March on that one), so I'm not concerned about maintaining further releases.

Over all, I'll be doing a long term test this time around with maintenance. I'm continuing a test from the VLCD part just to see what it does during this period. AND I've got 8 tests to do before I can release the book I'm in the middle of for Maintenance.

Whew! That's a lot of stuff going on! lol.

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