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VLCD: Discussion of Fatty Fish

While I was following the VLCD part, I had lots of questions about my recipes containing Orange Roughy, which, according to one popular writer of HCG books, is a "fatty fish." What I'd really like to do is examine these thoughts.

First, the main tool I use when looking up nutrition about a food - especially one that doesn't come from the store with a label - is http://www.nutritiondata.com/. It's a *great* way to check up on facts for yourself rather than taking someone else's word for what the facts are. I encourage you to investigate for yourself!!

When you find your food, be sure to set your serving size and look for the raw food, as that's what we're supposed to be weighing to eat.

So, I wanted to take a look at one other meat, hamburger, that's called out on *all* versions of allowed foods that I've seen, and compare it to Orange Roughy.

Mostly, I want to take a look at the fat content of each protien. Hamburger, even very very lean, has 5g of fat in 100g of meat. Orange Roughy, the "fatty fish," has a single gram of fat in 100g of meat.

So, I don't eat veal, but it's another protein on the "allowed" list for all the lists I've seen. The data on it is startling, when considering that we're supposed to cut out all fats:
Wow! In 100g of breast meat, there's over 200 calories and a whopping 15g of fat.

When comparing the other allowed meats to the "fatty fish" to see if it's a good choice or not, it becomes pretty clear that compared to the other allowed meats, even a fatty white fish is better than most of them!

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