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TestV06o is an initial bust


TestV06o is an initial bust. It resulted in a .4 gain today. Of course, that doesn't mean that it's a complete bust - the true tale comes out in the following two or three days. Today is also the 23rd day of this round, which is the same time that I stalled out for almost two weeks last round. To be honest, it's what I was trying to find the solution to.

Last round, I tried two apple days & a mini-steak day to no avail. The only thing that worked and got me jump started was the egg day. I was afraid to rock the boat last time around, though. I wanted to stay as close to "true" as possible so I had a base-line to compare against when I did my own fiddling with things this round.

There are a few things different this time around, though. One major difference is that I tested *starting* the day I began my cycle. This did NOT work out very well. I thought that if I did the loading days the first few days of my female cycle that maybe I'd be "in synch" with my body's natural rhythms and I might get better results. The laugh was on me over that one. Lol!

I'm thinking that next round, I'm going to do only a 23 day round, start just after my female cycle, and see what those results get me... Keep checking in and I'll let you know how the next three days go to find out if TestV06o is a true bust or if the initial results just look like it is...

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