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Leptin Discussion, Guest Blogger Robin

The hCG protocol is much more then just the hypothalamus. Most of the work is done in the fat cell where fat enters the mitochondria (where it's used for fuel). If there is increased demand for fuel and leptin levels stay elevated, fat is burned optimally. Without Leptin...less fat enters the mitochondria and the body... is forced to find energy from other sources (ie muscle)....Science shows specific amounts of hCG stimulate Leptin! Yay for the protocol!

Leptin was discovered in 1994 and since then, science has come to realize fat is an organ. YES! Your fat produces over 6 hormones and those hormones have receptor sites in the brain, and other sites of the body. The primary hormone of interest is Leptin and this hormone controls appetite, fat metabolism, reproduction (menses), and much much more. Check our discussion boards for short explanations.

I'm greatful to Dr. Simeons but have come to realize we cannot use his theories and get anywhere in the medical community. The old double blind studies "disprove" his theories and doctors who refuse to read the manuscript or who are not up to date with fat metabolism would never consider Dr. Simeons protocol. In order to find answers and an up-to-date science based explanation, I started studying research articles on fat metabolism, the Hypothalmus, all of the hormones involved in hunger, and more. You would be AMAZED at the knowledge we've learned since 1994!!! The discovery of Leptin and grasping it's role in energy homeostasis is HUGE in the weight loss world.

Unfortunatly, most doctors, weight loss clinics, and the world havn't put the puzzle peices together yet. It's actually so simple and the protocol make perfect sense. Any doctor who understands Leptin will get my theory immediately, and will wonder why it hasn't been put together sooner.

Robin Phipps Woodall- founder of the Mind:Body Method and author of the "User's Guide to Dr. Simeon's hCG Protocol through the Mind:Body Method" discusses modern science as it applies to Dr. Simeon's hCG protocol. Robin has been in the weight loss industry for over 13 years and has helped hundreds of hCG protocol participants end dysfunctional and emotional eating as well as their stuggle with weight. Learn more at http://www.facebook.com/l/c0a72;www.mindbodyhcg.com, become a fan of Mind:Body Method on facebook, or join the facebook HCG Weight Loss Group. info@themindbodymethod.com

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