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Joy to The World and All HCGers

I've been reading some of the e-books published (yes, I purchased them!) about the HCG Diet Protocol and the many different methods involved with it. It reminds me a lot of religion, which is another quite personal, quite controversial subject. But if you think about it, lots of religious people are very certain their religion is the right one and refuse to even look at another. In fact, they may even bad mouth another person's religion.
It's like that in the HCG world.
A person finds one way of losing weight, and that becomes their gospel - their personal HCG religion. It may involve injections into certain muscles using certain needles. It may be a particular brand of sub-lingual. It may be the homeopathic version that's out. Some have a broader list of foods, others swear by the historic protocol list of foods, while still others utilize Kevin Trudeau's only organic more strict list but add vitamins.
What we've lost in both religion and in HCG, though, is the good that it's doing for everyone, regardless of their methods. If it works for them, I say LET THEM ENJOY IT!


  1. Hahaha! Yah, I kinda forgot that part, didn't I? lol...

  2. so true. now all I want to figure out is what's best for MY body!!! :)



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