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The "Test" Revealed!! Apple/Cheese Day!

So, today on Facebook, our blog and everywhere else I've been yammering about this "test" thing I've got going on, I'm revealing what the "test" was! The response from all of you was incredible and I'm truly thankful for each one of you in my life. Really, really.

What's the test? An Apple/Cheese Day. And we've seen results ranging from 1.6# to 3.2# lost for our friends testing with us... Yae all of us!! And Yae, YOU, too, because I've posted it out here for you to read and try at your leisure...

I've got four other tests going on, one of which includes using the Apple/Cheese Day to see if I can further reduce in P4. I'm trying it every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday except during my menses, which is a time when NOTHING works for me. :) :(

Here's to Less of Us!!


  1. I am giddy! How exciting!!! Thank you, thank you so very much! I am so excited for P3! Your discovery is awesome and I hope you don't mind but I made a post citing and linking to your blog.

  2. I don't mind at all, Caitlin! The more people who help me spread the word, the more we all get to help everyone stay at their maintenance weight. I like that idea very much.

    Thanks for helping me spread the word!


  3. Impressive!

    I, myself, was told today that I should add actual breakfast back into the mix on those days I exercise hard (2 scrambled eggs (MCT oil only) and some spinach with seasonings.

    I'll post how it goes on my blog.

  4. Very interesting stuff! I read where a woman decided to lose some more weight on her own after HCG. Once she lost the last 10 pounds she wanted to, she did a perfect P3 and P4 phase. The weight she lost stayed permanent after that. Maybe if you find you can use the apple and cheese day to reduce further in p4 then you could use another p3 round to lock it in. What do you think?

  5. Now, that's got my attention, Jen! Any idea where that article you read might be at? I was sort of considering something similar, but have been waffling about it - more as a test than anything else.

    Have you been watching the skinnyr chart at the bottom of the page? It seems that I've somehow jump started the weight release process with my casting about for additional methods to correct a gain. I allow myself to test every Sun/Tue/Thur, and the other days are free to follow "normal" P4.

    I have 9 tests on my list right now... I've not yet tested 1/2 of them! Being restricted to 3 days a week and testing each at least twice before I go looking for volunteers kind of slows the process down, but I think it'll be worth it for us all to have an extra set of tools to use.

    Very interesting stuff, indeed!!


  6. Hello
    I just joined this blog and this is my first time ever doing a blog. I start the 72hr/last 3 days of coming off of the drops on Tuesday and then I begin the maintenance phase 3. I am so scared because I don't want to gain any of my weight back. I have enjoyed being on the 23 day cycle because just waking up in the morning and seeing that loss makes my days wonderful.

    Will you be able to explain how to do the apple and cheese day? I know I am going to need it before I stabalize completely and I want to know how to do it correctly. Any advice you have will be greatly appreciated. In 20 days I lost 18lbs. I have 3 more days to go.

  7. Hi HCGnMe!
    It's great to have you here. Don't be frightened of the process - embrace it and make it your own. You'll do great! However, between us, I know just what you mean. I was afraid of the same thing when I was starting my first P3. It's even more scary starting P4 (to begin with).

    So, Apple/Cheese Day is fully explained in the two part article I wrote up, just to answer this question... http://healthmad.com/weight-loss/hcg-stabilizing-for-phase-three-or-lifetime-maintenance. It's easy. I promise.

    I found that if I knew I was going to eat and feel like I'd be outside of the 2# zone, I'd use the apple/cheese day to bring myself under the day before I'd indulge. That way, I could indulge and not go over the 2# mark. That plan worked very well.

    Mostly, my advice is to relax and enjoy your new shape!


  8. ok thank you so much for the information. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I have been on the maintenance phase now for 10 days and I am 3 pounds up from my ldw. I was also on a cruise so I ate what was in standards as mucha as I could. How much water would you suggest? I did my best to stay away from sugar so if there was hidden sugars in what I was eating, that was probably where the extra .9 pounds came from. No biggie right? I think the apple and cheese is the way to go and besides it is easier to obtain....what do you think?

  9. This sounds like the perfect time to give this one a shot! It's worked for everyone who's tried it so far. :)


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