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Apologies, CHOPPED, What's in the works

I'm sorry for being so... non existent ...lately! Honestly, I just had no idea publishing books was so time consuming. It's definitely better to do gobs of research *before* you write a book so you've got the right image sizes, pages sizes, image dpi (dots per inch?), and the right amount of pages for the right binding so you can keep the price down.

Initially, we (Mom and I) went with lulu.com and I sized our book according to their standards. However, when I went to do on-demand-publishing, I realized the price was just going to be outlandish, so I just released it as an ebook and decided I'd keep looking for other options.

After a lot of turmoil, another author lead me to the right page on createspace.com and I discovered that I could get an ISBN number, the 13 digit other number (EAN?), and be listed on amazon.com. It's going to be 29.95 for the hard copy book.

The catch is that I need to make my book 8.25" square instead of 8.5" square. It means redoing the whole book, altering the fonts and all the pictures so they fit in the smaller space without cutting anything off.

Our good news is that we'll soon have the hard copy available. The bad news? I'm embroiled in resizing and uploading until it's done. I'll be MIA until then.

Want some more good news? We've already got about 20 new recipes for our next book! There's a few that we still need to make, so I can't say we *have* 20 until the taste tests are conducted. Kids are the best taste testers and my niece (9 years old) and my nephew (8 years old) are brutally honest about stuff being good or not. In fact, if it's not good, I get CHOPPED (just like on the TV show, Chopped). I figure if they're going to chop my recipe, I better chop it from a book and just use it as a jumping point for a better recipe.

I'm trying to come up with a good subject for the next contest, too. Maybe recipes to feed the whole family while you're in P2, P3 recipes, or perhaps a meal planner? I'm not sure just yet, but it's rolling around in my head these days! Have YOU ideas or suggestions on this topic? Please post a comment and let me know, k?

Another thing I'm trying to iron out is how to do video podcasts. I was thinking that I might use that to do a whole series on taking the P2 recipes we have already and showing everyone how to make them P3. However, I have NO CLUE how to do podcasts! Please, please, if you know how to, will you leave a comment here and point me in the right direction?

Then, I've got three more irons in the fire. One is a meal planner book, but I don't even know how to describe that one, so we'll move on... The second is an attempt to do a weekly newsletter. (That's a new one just in the last four days - so it's really in the baby stages.) The third iron in the fire is getting me into college to get a Bachelor of Science in Natural Health.

And, I have an announcement to make, too! Angie contacted us to see about putting a few of the recipes that are only in our book (not online anywhere) in her book. Angie is a yourhcg community-wide respected and knowledgeable person who regularly posts to the Facebook group. You can visit her at http://mypositivelifechanges.com, where she offers a free consultation.

At any rate, that's what's been going on. I still offer my sincere apologies for being MIA without explanation before this, though!

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