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Recipe Contest Entry: Sausage Cabbage

Jackie says: "I am a crock pot fan so both are done in the crock pot Hope this at least gives you a few other recipes to add to your mix :)"

Sausage Cabbage (150 calories)
Main Dish entry from Jackie R.
1 chicken sausage (no sugars or fats) 100 cal
2-3 cups cabbage 35-50 cal
1 clove garlic minced (or 1 t already minced)
2 t apple cider vinegar
1/2 t cumin
1/2 t onion powder
1 cube chicken bouillon
salt and pepper to taste
1-1 1/2 cup water
2 drops stevia (not really needed but can add for touch of sweetness)
Cut sausage into bite sized pieces, add to crock pot. Cut cabbage into pieces and put on sausage. Add garlic, acv, cumin, onion powder, bouillon, salt, pepper, stevia then pour water over cabbage.
Crock until cabbage is soft.

We're still awaiting pictures, but make it up and give it a try, then vote (by submitting a comment) if you like it!

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