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P3, T-8 Days: Thousand Island, 200 posts!

"T minus 8 days and counting!"

After last night's revelries, I'm ready for some real food again. Hot dogs, even if they are National Hebrew brand, just DON'T hit the spot for me. I ate foods I'm allowed, or rather, I didn't eat foods I'm not allowed, and it was just sort of a hit and miss. It was not satisfying at all.

Today, I'm planning a chef salad with home-made Thousand Island dressing. We already made this from scratch at home, but I modified the original recipe so there's not sweet 'n sour cucumber chips, sugar or ketchup. It still tastes like "normal" and is very satisfying.

Thousand Island Dresssing
Makes 1 cup (or so)
1/4c tomato paste
3/4c mayo (or so)
2 dill pickles
1t lemon juice or apple cider vinegar
salt & pepper to taste
Chop up your pickles so they're little bitty (I use one of those Pampered Chef chopper thingies). In a measuring cup, add tomato paste and mayo so you can see how much of each you're using. Add pickles, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Stir. Taste, add more salt and pepper if you'd like, then top your salad with it! Yummy!

And, for something a little different (or on the go), try out the dip:

Thousand Island Dip
Makes 1 cup (or so)
1/4c tomato paste
1/4c mayo (or so)
1/2c sour cream
2 dill pickles
1t lemon juice or apple cider vinegar
salt & pepper to taste
Follow the same directions as for the dressing. You can also add 1/4c cottage cheese to this and it's darn good, too. I add a little more pickle when I do that, though.


Today, right at 2 months, my blog has 200 posts. That's a lot of recipes, tips, funny things, research results and STUFF in just 2 months. Two months ago, I was 332 pounds and gaining. Today, I'm 278 pounds and stable. I can't hardly wait for the time to arrive for the next round to start! It sounds cliche' but I'm starting the loading days the first part of January. By my birthday, the end of February, I hope to report that I'm another 50 pounds lighter.

How awesome to know that I do have control over the weight and I can lose it. Especially after a whole lifetime of steadily gaining it and just packing it around. Part of that was because I had emotional ties to it - it was a "shield" for me to keep other people away. It really didn't work all that well, though, and I've since worked through that emotional ...um... inaccurate thinking and replaced it with well-feelings instead.

What's the plan after February? I'm going to go through three weeks of P3, then a month or so of P4 and hit it one more time. It would be sooooo cool to be at my goal weight of 180 by summer. I like that weight - it still leaves feminine curves on me, but not so much that I'm flabby. Hehehe.

As for the "T minus 8 days and counting," thing, I'm not really sure what I'm counting for. I could live in P3 for the rest of my days and be ok. It's very similar to the Atkins' Diet and I lost 30# on that inside a month. The difference between that one and this one? I'm able to hold a STABLE weight!

Honestly, I'm concerned about reintroducing the sugars and starches back into my body. The only thing that gives me confidence about it is reading all the testimonials of others who've done it successfully.

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