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P3, Day 9: Steak and Cheese Day

I gained 1.9# overnight and am thinking that it's because I'm not getting enough protein in my system. Years and years of dieter's no-no training is hard to break and I sort of went back to my pre-Protocol way of eating, which was primarily fruits and veggies with a little lean protein each day.

On the HCG Protocol, that's a big NO-NO!

So, I find that I'm not quite at the point of needing a steak day, but after doing some research, I find that I do need a Steak & Cheese Day. What's that? Dr. Simeon's Pounds and Inches explains:

"PROTEIN need not be watched carefully, while dairy and higher carbohydrate fruits and vegetables should be watched very carefully. Unless an adequate amount of protein is eaten as soon as the Phase 2 treatment is over, protein deficiency is bound to develop, and this inevitably causes the marked retention of water known as hunger-edema. A protein deficient diet makes the body retain water.

"In Phase 2, the patient has been only just above the verge of protein deficiency and has had the advantage of protein being fed back into his system from the breakdown of fatty tissue. Once the treatment is over, there is no more HCG in the body and this process no longer takes place.
"Retention of water, known as hunger–edema, occurs when an adequate amount of protein is not eaten. The treatment is simple.

"STEAK & CHEESE DAY: The person is told to eat two eggs for breakfast and a huge steak for lunch and dinner followed by a large helping of cheese. When this treatment is followed, two lbs. can vanish overnight, the swollen ankles are normal but sleep was disturbed, owing to an extraordinary need to pass large quantities of water."

. So, I'll ditch the 1.9# overnight and not have to do a full fledged steak day. The other thing I get out of doing this is CONTROL of my world. I don't have to wait for tomorrow to do THE Steak Day. I get to recognize, after some research, what I'm doing that's incorrect and correct it. I get to control the weight rather than just wait for the gains to happen to me. :)

I'm not quite a control freak, but I do like to have control of the weight now that I've been given a short experience of having it!


  1. It's in P&I. Search for "hunger- edema" or "protein deficiency"

  2. Nice - Thanks! I found it. :)

  3. I can't wait to eat cheese again!!


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