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P3, Day 10: Steak and Cheese Results

Yesterday's Steak & Cheese Day went very well. I dropped more than I gained by .01#. So, whew! I have a buffer again. A two pound "buffer" doesn't sound like much, but it feels great to be back in that zone!

So, lesson learned? Eat proteins - meat, eggs, dairy, high fat veggies. Don't skimp on the meals by filling up with lettuce and tomatoes. If you do, you get more of the problem (weight) you're trying to fix. Just follow Dr. Simeon's advice blindly and trust that it works.

Allow it to work. Get out of your own way and allow it to work. (That's my self talk these days... lol) :)

1 comment:

  1. Good to know, thanks for the egg day advice. I ate extra veggies and skipped my fruit and breadstick. Hopefully there will be a change tomorrow. I'm 5'5, so I know that 120-125 is a perfect weight for me. I'm okay at 130 but it's the abnormal fat hanging around my belly that I can't stand. I know that when I've been 120, all that belly fast is gone. I might just have to exercise that last little bit off if that's even possible. HA! Imay try the egg day if nothing happens, I just don't think I could handle an apple day. Egg and the protein would be so much better.


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