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Long day today

It's been a long day today - we moved furniture to and fro all over the living room. ::BLECH!:: I'm tired and getting crabby, too. Does that mean it's just time for bed? Hahahaha! Like when I was a kid?

Tomorrow is a long day, too, as I'm heading out to Portland again to take my cello in for a repair. I've never met the man who will be working on Jillian (my cello) and, even though he's highly recommended by my cello instructor, I'm soooo nervous to leave her with a stranger! Ugh.

There was a bright spot in my day, though, that happened when I got home tonight and checked the mail. I received the prize I won from http://thehcgdiet.blogspot.com/ and what a great prize! I have lots of samples of green tea (mocha, vanilla cappuccino and something called "Pink") and something else - a skin thing... I don't know quite what it does, but I'll be sure to report back after I get a chance to finally be HOME and do some research.

Stay tuned!

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