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Water - getting a gallon or more down per day

Mom and I were just talking and she asked me to let everyone know that if you really want to drink a lot of water, drink it through a straw. It works for Mom very well, but not so much for me. Personally, I like to just glug it down from a 22 ounce jug until the water's gone, then set it aside and switch back to tea.

My own schedule for water looks like this:
22oz @ 7AM
22oz @ 11:30AM (while we're making lunch)
22oz @ 3PM
22oz @ 5PM (while we're making supper)
22oz @7PM (while making dessert)
22oz just before bed

So, I get about 2 gallons of water down me each day. Then I also drink about 40oz of some kind of tea, either rooibus, honeybush, or green. AND I drink about 10oz of water each time I get up in the night, too! No wonder we go through so much TP!

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