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Roast Beef and "Potatoes"

Tonight, it was just time for some roast beef. I almost did steak, but I wanted the kids to share with us. So, roast became the obvious choice. Since we liked the first (and only) recipe for Garlic Basil Roast Beef, it was only natural that we make it again.

This time, however, we wanted to try out the "potatoes" we're allowed with it. In a tip from one of our readers, Debbie, we learned we could use radishes in place of potatoes.

So tonight, I give you pictures of a beautiful meal. The only trouble with them is that I couldn't figure out a way to mash 'em up without needing some kind of butter or mayo.

The only trouble with this meal (other than the fact that I chose a poor cut of meat and it turned out tough instead of moist and wonderful) was that the radishes DID NOT taste like potatoes. In fact, even with as lovely as it looks, I did
n't finish it. I only finished about half the radishes. They tasted like radishes baked in roast beef and seasonings. But definitely, they tasted like radishes to me. Blech!

I think my niece puts it much more eloquently than I have here, though. A photo is worth a thousand words - far more than I've written here.

On a more positive note, though, my dogs loved them! All four of them, even the most choosy amongst them, absolutely devoured them. So, I made Poodle Cookies for my supper. Hehehehe

1 comment:

  1. Jayme.....if you are willing to give up your apple serving they are surprisingly a lot like potatoes cooked like that :) Just make the apple chunks bigger...


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