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Kind of a flat day

Today, I'm on the fourth day of a plateau. I know that it's a normal thing at this stage of the game, but I can't help but be discouraged. I was expecting a nice, even weight drop (hoping for 2# a day) - even though I know that the expectation is ridiculous. ::sighs:: So, from my own hype, I'm having a flat sort of day, where I'm finding it hard to be enthusiastic about much of anything. Blah. I don't even want to go outside on this lovely day for a walk!

I decided that tomorrow, if I'm still doing the plateau thing, I'm going to do an apple day. Six apples any time I want them through out the day sounds like a nice change about now. Where I'm certainly aware that the apple thing is just a diuretic trick to get the body moving again, I'm hoping that it will also get my emotions out of their stuck spot. Maybe I should try some EFT?

Anyway, I made the Curry Soup again for lunch, just cuz there's lots and lots of onions and I'm concerned that I may take up eating out of boredom. I did take pictures, though, so I could share with you!

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