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Tips for mint or gum replacements

We've been doing this for a few days now, but I forgot to add it to the blog so you know about it, too. My family is big on mints and minty gums so when we discovered that we couldn't have that with the hCG Protocol, we started hunting for some other things we could chew on to freshen our breath. It's bad enough that the Crystal things don't work all that great with body odor, but to have bad breath after eating too was just to much!

Mom is the one to credit with these...

  • Fennel seeds to chew on, obviously, with a licorice taste to them.
  • Cinnamon sticks work out well - just break off a piece of them and sort of chew/suck on them.
  • Mint leaves, but they leave little bits of green leaves all over your teeth, so only do that if you're someplace you can swish!

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