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Questions from a fellow hCGer (and my answers)

Debbie wrote to me this morning. Here's a copy of her email (posted ONLY with her permission):

I was wondering if you are following Dr Simeone as some of those vegs are not on my approved list (broccoli, caul..etc). I see so many variations and I am a bit confused, I did not go thru a dr, just ordered my drops off line. I did 1 round of 15 days and now I am on my dround of 15 days. I have more weight to lose than 20 lbs but I was a bit nervous to do it 45 days as I was afraid I would cheat...first round I lost 20 lbs. In maint I messed up and drank alcohol too soon and ate many things that I thought were OK (I was on vaca)..so I gained 6 back. I started last week and the six are now off and I am really hoping to be in the 170's tomm..I am stuck at 180...I don't count calories but I do measure my protein...and I usually only eat 1 fruit and breadstick..thanks for your help...I love you website, the roast is in the toaster oven now....I added radishes to the roast (mock potatoes I hope).

Here's my answer:

Hi Debbie,

Thanks for writing! It's encouraging to know that I get to help myself and those who read my blog. :)

I'm planning to go through the online drops next time around (Januaryish), so I can go 7 weeks and be *at* my target weight. I started at 332 and, as of this morning, am at 310 - just 8 days in! 22 pounds in a week is enough to convince me that what I'm doing is on the right track. There were two days that I didn't lose a thing, though. I'm not sure why, but I added some Iosol Iodine (
http://lessofmehcg.blogspot.com/search/label/Iodine <-- includes the source and how I use it, too) to my diet and the weight is dropping off wonderfully again. Iodine supports your thyroid, which in turn supports your hypothalamus. :) For this first time around, I've allowed myself a nutritionalist's' care and guidance. I wanted to get to know the ropes before I took off on my own. Here's what she outlined for us: http://lessofmehcg.blogspot.com/2009/08/overview-of-what-we-get-to-eat.html. I've seen several places that offer recipes different from what I'm allowed and was initially confused as well. I asked Tami, my nutritionalist, who told me that she's following Dr. Simeon's diet to the letter, with the addition of the supplements I'm taking. She said that others following it have had remarkable results, as Dr. Simeon reports. I trust Tami completely, so I follow her advice and work within these very strict guidelines.

Just so you know, my Mom's been stuck at her current weight (I can't tell what that is, though - she doesn't want anyone to know) for the last four days. However, we measured her yesterday and discovered that she'd lost 8 inches! So, don't fret. You just have to be patient with yourself and your body. It'll work for you. :)

Hopefully, the old rule that when one person asks, lots of other people are thinking the same thing stands and this helps you, too!

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