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Time for some new supplies

We just got a tip from Debbie, who reported that our roast beef, cooked up in an oven bag with radishes makes the radishes taste just like potatoes. This opens up a whole new set of possibilities where recipes are concerned and Mom and I were just discussing some of them when we realized it's time for dinner now!

We're going to do a repeat dinner tonight, because we enjoyed it soooo much. We didn't deviate last time around from the recipe and I don't think we've any plans to do so this time around. When you find a perfect recipe, just make it that way. :)

In discussing the radishes, we started going over the list of what's allowed on this Protocol and discovered some other things that might be interesting, if we applied some of our kitchen and spice prowess. Ok, it's not my prowess, it's really Mom's, but I have some good ideas now and again, too!

I was also looking at the nutritional value of cocoa powder. I thought that maybe I might start getting ready for what I know is coming (as it does every month) when my cycle starts. I crave chocolate like mad. I don't want it any other time - just that first day of my cycle. It turns out that cocoa powder has 1g of fat in it PER TABLESPOON! Yikes! Definately not allowed. I should have just bought chocolate bars and lived on those and McDonalds or Skippers for the loading days!

So, we're thinking that we need to head to the grocery store sometime soon and see about getting some of these other things. First, however, we'll try to create the recipes. You can't always build your recipes by the seat of your pants.

Our list looks like this:
  • radishes
  • cabbage
  • celery
  • spinach
  • veal
  • lobster
I think we should add:
  • a few strawberries
  • raspberries
  • grapefruit
The fruits are so we can see what we can come up with on the desert side of life. Where the apples I concocted are absolutely scrumpcious and we're far from tired of them (in fact we look forward to them every evening with a movie), it'll be good to have something waiting in the wings for a little variety.

Yikes - I better wrap this up so I can go make dinner. It's gotta stew there for 45 minutes before it's ready, too.

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