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Iosol Iodine Tea

Drinking Iosol Iodine straight, or even in water, is just yucky. Last night, I tried adding some Vanilla Stevia to my water and Iosol Iodine mix. Not only did the mix turn blue, but it still tasted awful. There's something about the Stevia that made it turn blue, as just the water and Iosol Iodine together were an orange-red color.

This morning, I tried something new. I added the drops to my pot of tea. Luckily for me, the amount of water in the tea diluted the blue color of the Iosol Iodine and Vanilla Stevia mix so I was still drinking something that still looked like just tea. I couldn't taste the iodine in it at all and was impressed.

Want to know another great thing about the iodine addition to the diet? I'm NOT tired this afternoon. I don't feel like I need a nap to make it through the rest of the day. There's just nothing like immediate results like that.

The only problem with drinking the iodine in tea is that I need to get down at least two pots of tea in addition to the daily water intake. I'm going through a *lot* of TP, let me tell you!

Any way, here's the sharsies on the tea recipe:

Iosol Iodine Tea
1 T loose leaf tea (I use Rooibus, a red, but you could use black, too)
8 drops Vanilla Stevia (or what ever flavor you prefer)
2-4 drops of Iosol Iodine (depending on your tastes)
Add dry tea, iodine, & stevia drops to a teapot; set aside. Bring a pot of water just to the boiling point, but not quite to a full boil. Add water directly over the tea in the teapot, let steep 5-10 minutes and sip.

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