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An addition

I decided that maybe my thyroid was being a lazy little thing so I opted to add some Iosol Iodine to my process. I started last night with what my body tested out at, 4 drops. That's a lot, considering each drop has 1220% of the FDA recommended amount. When I first started taking control and responsibility for my own health, those kinds of numbers scared me. No longer. I just listen to my body, test, and apply the results.

So, I did that, now you want my results?

I released more weight again, finally. And with results that I thought I was going to get when I first started this hCG diet protocol. So, impressive results. :) I'm down 3 pounds! Mom lost 2 pounds today, too! Hurray us!

Today, I've decided to have the Hidden Valley Ranch Cottage Cheese again with cucumbers. It was tasty and simple.

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