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Flu & staying on hCG Protocol

The flu that's been going round here in Oregon (not swine flu) gives you a sore throat, followed by a sinus infection and a low grade fever, then your appetite goes out the window. We've been struggling with this flu in our house. I wanted to take a moment to point out that while on a 500 calorie diet, it's imperative to your body's natural tendency to go into starvation mode that, even if you're sick, you GOTTA eat.

Instead of eating *everything,* make sure you eat your protein and your veggies, at the minimum. Choose high calorie meats as often as you can while in this state of food abstinence and eat them all. Choose high calorie veggies, too, like tomatoes, cauliflower & broccoli.

Be sure to get your vitamin C in - it's 100% allowed on the Protocol and absolutely beneficial to your body while your system fights the infections. Absolutely, use hand sanitizer - there's no oils in it and it'll keep the illness from spreading.

Another good trick to get your water down while you're unwell is to have hot lemon water!

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