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Day 3 of Phase 2

Last night, just before, was the first time I've felt hunger since I began this. Of course, then I ate that great giant very filling soup and wasn't hungry again. I figured for sure I'd be next to starving this morning - but I'm not. :)

I've found that changing "breakfast" each day really helps with feeling like I'm "missing out" on something. Today, I've got Cherry Green tea. I generally sweeten it with Vanilla Stevia, just cuz I like vanilla flavor, but you could use other flavors if you wanted. I think a Raspberry Stevia with the Cherry Green tea would be delightful.

So, the breakfast menu today:

Cherry Green Tea (0 calories)
1 T loose Cherry Green Tea
10 drops Vanilla Stevia
Add tea and stevia drops to a teapot and set aside. Bring a pot of water just to the boiling point, but not quite to a full boil. Add water directly over the tea in the teapot, let steep 5-10 minutes and sip. This is wonderful hot or cold.

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