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Less of Me Ladies

I've had a few requests for the Less of Me Ladies to be put on shirts!  What fun!  I had not thought of doing that, but it turns out it was easy...  I've got those things out here:  zazzle.com/ChocolateOnion*  Just scroll down a little and look for "categories" on the left side of the site, where you should find "Less of Me."

Yes, I have another business, in EMarketing & Business Imaging:  ChocolateOnion.com.  :)  I also have a site I host/design/develop & maintain securities for kids to trade art with each other:  ATCsJr.com.  There's lots of stuff about me that most people aren't even aware of.  Hehehe.  I publish Frequency Therapy Albums, too!  Good for just about anything that ails you.  :)  Just about.  If you search my name, "Jayme Hunt," out on Amazon, you should find the whole set of works I've done so far in this field.

There's lots of other stuff in the works, too, but that's neither here nor there, when it comes to a weight reduction strategy!  :)

I did find a not-so-desirable combination of foods the other day, though, and wanted to let you all know.  I *should* have known better, but I was busy and not thinking about previous meals.  I had spinach for lunch one day, then eggs for dinner.  The following day, I ate another helping of spinach.  This combination, just so everyone knows, is NOT recommended.  lol.  I discovered that the spinach/eggs combo is sort of like a 1, 2 punch to the bowels and gives most unpleasant effects of diarrhea.

Me:  -0.6
Mom:  -1.0 (this is two days' worth because she forgot to get her number yesterday)

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