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4kDP: Double CHEATER!

I thought perhaps the first sandwich was a fluke.  Mom indicated that since I'd been losing in the half pound range, that perhaps I was "due" for a larger loss.  Well.  You can't prove anything by chance.  So, I did it again.  Two days in a row...  wait for it...  1# loss each day!

Of note is that when Mom tried it, she lost nothing.  No gain, but no loss, either.  That just goes to prove, once again, that every body is different.  Feel like doing the Subway thing?  Just keep in mind that your body could react like mine or like Mom's or, like your own.  :)  It's a roll of the dice, to be sure!

The whole days' food consisted of this, both days, for me:
1 cup milk
4oz espresso
1 eyedropper full of stevia/vanilla mix
1 Subway sandwich (see previous post for what it was, exactly)
1 cup fruit at night just before bed
~160oz water

The first night, I had blueberries.  Last night, I had cantaloupe.  Both days, I was so full after the sandwich I thought I'd made a mistake.  The whole sandwich was so satisfying, though, that I also found I didn't care!  Probably, that's not a good thing, as it harkens back to the overeating days.  But, you know, it's just not possible to leave a sandwich sit for more than half an hour when you've requested they spray on vinegar and it soaks through.  The bread is all soggy and icky then.  Yuck.

Mom says that maybe I should be following Jerry's Plan of a Sub Sandwich a day.  lol.

Me:  -1.0
Mom:  -0.6

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