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4kDP: Cub Scouts & Gardening

We've had quite the week here at our place.  This whole week, we're volunteering at a Cub Scout camp.  The schedule has us rising late (10ish) and staying up late (11:30ish).  We walk up and down hills, carry tables and chairs back and forth, set up garbage and recycling stations, walk from this end to that end of the whole camp...  It seems like they set it up so you do have to walk at least a tenth of a mile where ever you're going - and if they can get you to go up and down a hill along the way, that's set in the direct path.  lol.

In short, we're getting a TON more exercise than we normally would in the evenings.

But wait!  That's not all!

This year, we also decided to do several gardens all over our yard.  The problem with that is there's only one water spigot and it's in the front yard in one corner, while our gardens are in back yards in the opposite corner.  What that means is a schedule of dragging hoses back and forth from one corner of the yard to the other in order to get all the gardens watered.  Our gardens are 12' x 24', 12' x 12', 3' x 3', 10' x 30', 3' x 3', and our last is approximately 55' x 25'.  Dragging hoses is the least of our worries, though.  We have some serious weeding going with all those gardens!

So, exercise in the morning followed by more exercise in the afternoon.  My own body is complaining mightily with all this...  Mom's body is *really* unhappy with her, too.  So unhappy, she's in bed right now, in fact.  I'm glad we're at the half way point (at least with the Cub Scouts) for the week!

With all that going on, I can't even begin to tell you how pleased I am to get breakfast with the VLCD this time around.  I still don't eat the cereal, as I've never been one who really likes it.  But that extra protein in the morning helps considerably with a low blood sugar bottom out.  So far, it's not happened a single time!  In previous rounds of HCG, I'd bottom out with the slightest of nothing forms of exercise.  It was terrible.  I'm also paying for my lack of really getting to business with the Loading Days.  I slacked.  I was busy!  I didn't do as I should have and now I'm facing a week of hungry.  lol.  It's my own fault, but I did want to mention that it happened and why...

What's really interesting about this round is that Mom's numbers are far higher than mine.  Historically, that's reversed and my numbers are at least double hers pretty consistently.  Not this time!  So, if you've had the trouble that Mom's had in the past (plateaus for no reason, daily losses of .4 and below), based on her success so far with the 4kDP, I recommend you give that alternate menu a shot.  It's working well for her!

Me: -1.2
Mom: -1.6

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