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HCG "causing" Cancer

I just did a bit of research on HCG causing cancer for a friend on Facebook.  I wanted to be sure to share it here, as well, since it seems to be a BIG controversy.  HCG, in general, is controversial just for the bit that it's not "FDA Approved for Weight Reduction."  That being said, here's what I found...

I didn't want to post this on the feed...don't want to put it out there. I have heard there is a connection with the hCG injections causing cancer cells to multiply quickly. According to this Dr. cancer cells exist in some people's bodies and our immune system will naturally attack them, but when hCG is introduced our immune system will not attack because it is designed to not attack the baby (the foreign matter). I was hoping you had some info. to counter this claim. The reports I have found say homeopathic hCG is very safe and was wondering if you had any information to confirm that. Thank you, Becky


  • Homeopathics are very safe, yes. The key to why they're so safe is also the biggest thing that doctors who don't understand them say they don't work. There is such a tiny amount (or none) of the original substance that it's like taking water. There's speculation that homeopathics work on the same quantum physics principles as nanotechnology, but it's still speculation.
  •  HCG is *always* in our systems, both men and women. It's hard for me to accept the statement, logically, that HCG (Rx or Homeopathic) is going to increase cancer cells like this. However! I will look into it and get more information about it, then get back to you.
  • http://ehealthforum.com/health/cancer-e285.html  Of note in this article: "What causes cancer? Doctors still don't understand this disease and are doing their best to uncover causes..."
  • General symptom of cancer: weight gain or loss with no known reason Many doctors don't consider HCG to work (especially since a majority of them side with the FDA instead of their eyes) - for them, an HCG diet would be "no known reason."
  • Among the "cures" for cancer, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, biological therapy, support group, and surgery, is also hormone therapy.

    Here's what ehealthforum says about that:

    "Hormone therapy
    Because some types of cancer require certain hormones in order to grow, the reduction of these hormones is considered effective treatment. Medication may be given to suppress the body's hormones, or hormone-producing organs may be removed (e.g. the testicles or ovaries). Both men and women can experience side effects of this treatment as hormones are removed from the body. Women may experience hot flashes, for example. And, men may experience breast tenderness and growth."
  • "Risk for ovarian cancer in women that use this drug for weight loss is far less present than in women who used this drug as a fertility treatment."
  • "It is believed that HCG has protective effect for breast cancer."
  • "This substance [HCG] is produced and secreted by certain types of cancer, that is why its measurement in blood is a marker for cancer presence (HCG is a tumor marker)."
  • This doctor is showing that HCG may be the key to ending breast cancer: http://labs.fccc.edu/bcrl/biographies/irma-Russo.html
  • ‎"As published (56-64), a cancer of any primary, when advanced, can produce hCG-like material. This is most commonly the free ß-subunit of hCG, as detected in serum samples, and its degradation product, ß-core fragment as detected in urine samples (56-64). Research now shows that advanced cancers not only produce free ß-subunit, but use the free ß-subunit to promote cancer cell growth and metastases. New vaccines are undoing clinical trial throughout the world. These generate an antibody to the free ß-subunit which removes free ß-subunit and stops it from promoting cancer growth. Hopefully these vaccines will be available by prescription in the near future. Cancer is a simple explanation for a positive hCG or pregnancy test, with no obvious pregnancy. The USA hCG Reference Service identifies cancer cases by the finding that >60% of the total hCG reactivity in serum is free ß-subunit, and by the supportive finding that >60% of the total hCG in urine is free ß-subunit or hCG ß-core fragment. If cancer is found a full malignancy work up, MRI of the head and pelvis and CT scan of the chest, and cancer blood work (blood cell checked for lymphoma and leukemia) is strongly indicated to find the cancer primary (can be anywhere in body)." From http://hcglab.com/

Mainewellness.com released a pdf statement saying:

"Does HCG cause cancer?
Individuals (including health professionals) who don’t understand the Dr. Simeons HCG
protocol or who are biased against the use of HCG for weight reduction may say a variety
of things with the purpose of discouraging people from using HCG for weight reduction.
One of the things that they may say is that HCG causes cancer.
Here are the facts about the relationship between HCG and cancer:
  • HCG does not cause cancer or stimulate growth of tumors. 
  • There are some tumors that produce HCG (but HCG did not cause these tumors). 
They include choriocarcinomas, germ cell tumors, teratomas, and islet cell
It appears that some individuals have a double standard with regard to the medical use
of HCG:
  • Mainstream medicine has approved and accepted the use of HCG for use in fertility treatments. The dosages used for fertility treatments are significantly higher compared to those used for weight reduction. 
  • Mainstream medicine has approved the use of HCG for boys who are sexually underdeveloped. 
Pregnant women make the equivalent of millions of units of HCG. Pregnant women do
not have an increased risk of cancer during or following pregnancy. If HCG causes cancer, why aren’t we advising expectant mothers of this danger? BECAUSE HCG DOES
From this website: http://drbloem.com/treatment-options/dr-simeons-hcg-diet/hcg-dietfaqs/"
 And, that same site is publishing some of the findings on HCG helping to get rid of cancer.


Summary/MY Opinion:

I suppose, in my head, this small bit of research clears up the concept of HCG causing cancer.  I especially like the statement, "If HCG causes cancer, why aren’t we advising expectant mothers of this danger? BECAUSE HCG DOES NOT CAUSE CANCER!"

It *does,* however, look like if you have particular types of cancer that *already* emit HCG, it's best to discuss the HCG protocol with your cancer doctor in those cases (lymphoma and leukemia) before running with it.

1 comment:

  1. There's a part of me that wants to believe that doctors only say that homeopathy don't work because it can lessen their income. Patients will turn to homeopathy instead of paying for a consultancy. HCG weight loss programs have been proven to be effective. And that's a fact already.


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