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An Apple A Day...

I was going over some of the stuff written on this blog in the past, including the apple and cheese day, trying to figure out why it works. You know, the really really WHY. I still don't have any answers, but think it's the apple in particular. Not only does it not work without the apple, but apples seem to be the "cure all" for everything.

The adage that "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" seems to have quite a bit of merit to it.  In face, there appears to be much more merit than I ever considered, in fact.  When you (read: I) grow up with everyone in the world telling you something like that, it sort of goes in one ear and out the other, while you quietly (behind their backs, of course - especially when you're a teen) mime them talking with your hand, roll your eyes, and mouth "blah, blah, blah."  Truly, I wrote it off as just stuff people tell you because it's what their Mom's Mom's Mom's distant Aunt's Friend's Cousin's Best Friend heard from some guy sitting around on a mountain freezing his hiney off.  It made no sense and certainly didn't seem like anything in life could be that simple.

But it seems that it is.

That simple.

Eat an apple a day simple.

It turns out that, not only does it help drop the pounds when combined with about a 50-50 fat:protein, but it also helps STOP acid reflux if you eat one right before bed.

I do have to wonder, as I sit here considering apples and stuff that works from the Book of Old Adages (does that exist?), if some of the adages about cinnamon have the same amount of merit as the apple thing does?


It just seems to me that I need to pause for thought a little more often.

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