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Up all night

Yesterday was day two of loading days. In the interim, however, I'm feeling just yucky in my tummy. I use about a teaspoon of baking soda in a quarter cup of water (or so) to rebalance the pH and get to feeling better right away - what do you use?


  1. I am so glad that I found this site and your blog. I am wondering if you can add me as a friend or something on facebook. I am just getting ready to start the hcg diet. I am really looking for someone to be able to help me or to talk to while I am on it. I see that you have done this before and it looks like you have been super successful. I am looking for any "hints" that you may have to share. I am also wondering if I need to do the 10 day cleanse prior to starting the diet. I need help! Thanks!!

  2. You don't have to do the 10 day cleanse, nope. However, it does help with the detox effects you'll probably feel if you don't. I just go for the detox while in VLCD, and deal with it. They're not terrible and I've got some tricks up my sleeve to handle them. If you look to the left of the blog posts, you'll see categories under "tips" "tricks" and "tools." Any one of those will share what I know about what I learned previously. :)

    I am on Facebook, but don't check it regularly. I'm writing three more books at the moment, so find I don't have time to check in very often. However, if you go out to the Less of Me Facebook page, you should find LOTS of people there who have experience and can help with questions and such!

    My first time around, I found Jason Hill's site (the link is to the left of the blog posts, too) and he's been a *tremendous* help, because he offers free support!


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