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RoundSet Plan update

I'm in the RoundSet plan right now.  I've done 2 sets of VLCD & 2 interrupts so far.  VLCD.3 of the RoundSet is coming up as soon as my cycle ends completely.

The Interrupt.1, I gained a little bit back, but it was because I was not following the P3 concept - lots of sugary medicines, chicken noodle soup, and crackers during that one.

The Interrupt.2 is going very well.  I'm maintaining my 2# without any problems at all - even with a highly volatile stressful life right now.

VLCD.3 will commence any old day now...

My personal observations are:
1) Easier to stay with a longer round with the interrupts.
2) Number of days is shorter, so the goals are also smaller and feel more within reach.  Rather than stating, "45# in 2 months is my goal," I can state, "20# this month."
3) The mental/emotional/physical break from VLCD is brilliant because it gives your skin time to suck back in, gives you more food choices for a little while (less chance of cheating when there's only a few weeks of VLCD at a time).
4) I am able to work HCG into my life rather than my life into HCG.

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