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Must be the time of year that lots of people are starting to look in the mirror and think about swimsuits on their bodies because I've had tons of requests for the BioAccoustics I created to help out with some of the challenges in P2 (and P3, for that matter!). Congrats to each and every one of you who're doing HCG!! Mom and I are just getting ready to go back into P2 as well and life is finally starting to slow down a little bit again so we'll be able to make more posts and be "regulars" again to our blog/site.

I have GOBS to share with you all on testing and results but life just sort of took over for a while. ::sighs:: It ebbs and flows. Best to just go with it rather than try to fight it, I say. :)

Anyway, here's the BioAccoustics downloads:

BM: http://www.lessofmehcg.com/frex/bm.mp3
Edema: http://www.lessofmehcg.com/frex/fluid_retention.mp3
Bad Breath: http://www.lessofmehcg.com/frex/halitosis.mp3

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