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Heel Pain

You know how the Pounds & Inches book reported that heel pain just sort of disappears when following this protocol? I can now testify to that fact. For YEARS, my left heel hurt - an unexplainable "no idea where it came from or how to correct it" heel pain. It's gone now. I started noticing it going away about a week ago, but this morning, it's just no longer there.

From Pounds and Inches regarding this subject:

The Painful Heel
In obese patients who have been trying desperately to keep their
weight down by severe dieting, a curious symptom sometimes occurs.
They complain of an unbearable pain in their heels which they feel only
while standing or walking. As soon as they take the weight off their
heels the pain ceases. These cases are the bane of the
rheumatologists and orthopedic surgeons who have treated them
before they come to us. All the usual investigations are entirely
negative, and there is not the slightest response to anti- rheumatic
medication or physiotherapy. The pain may be so severe that the
patients are obliged to give up their occupation, and they are not
infrequently labeled as a case of
hysteria. When their heels are carefully examined one finds that the
sole is softer than normal and that the heel bone - the calcaneus - can
be distinctly felt, which is not the case in a normal foot.
We interpret the condition as a lack of the hard fatty pad on which the
calcaneus rests and which protects both the bone and the skin of the
sole from pressure. This fat is like a springy cushion which carries the
weight of the body. Standing on a heel in which this fat is missing or
reduced must obviously be very painful. In their efforts to keep their
weight down these patients have consumed this normal structural fat.
Those patients who have a normal or subnormal weight while showing
the typically obese fat deposits are made to eat to capacity, often
much against their will, for one week. They gain weight rapidly but
there is no improvement in the painful heels. They are then started on
the routine HCG treatment. Overweight patients are treated
immediately. In both cases the pain completely disappears in 10-20
days of dieting, usually around the 15th day of treatment, and so far
no case has had a relapse, though we have been able to follow up such
patients for years.
We are particularly interested in these cases, as they furnish further
proof of the contention that HCG + 500 Calories not only removes
abnormal fat but actually permits normal fat to be replaced, in spite of
the deficient food intake. It is certainly not so that the mere loss of
weight reduces the pain, because it frequently disappears before the
weight the patient had prior to the period of forced feeding is reached.

1 comment:

  1. My heal pain is a lot better now too. I used to need cortisone shots and no longer do. I was also told that I needed surgery. I have even been able to take of my RX shoes and wear normal ones. This is amazing to me! Oh and about the test thing... I lost 1lb day 2 .7lb day 3 and 1.4lb day 4...


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