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Cookbook2: Hung-far-lo Buffalo Soup

In honor of my Grandma's favorite Chinese restraunt in Portland, OR, we present a delicious dish:

Buffalo Soup (150 calories)
3c water
1 beef bullion cube
1T soy sauce
1T seaweed flakes
1 clove garlic, sliced
1c broccoli (50 calories)
100g ground buffalo (100 calories)
1" fresh ginger, grated
1t soy sauce
2t minced onion (dried)
1T milk
Ground pepper to taste
1/4t chili powder
In pan, bring water, bullion cube, 1T soy sauce, seaweed, garlic, and broccoli to a boil. In separate bowl, mix buffalo, ginger, 1t soy sauce, onion, milk, pepper, and chili powder together. Form 1" balls with the meat mixture. In boiling broth, drop meatballs carefully into broth until cooked.

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