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40 days & 40 nights

I am so elated to be out of the loading day part of round 2. I can't even express how glad I am for that. Yesterday, I ate until I thought I was going to explode, drank baking soda water, and ate a little more. YUCKY! My stomach actually hurt to lean up against. That's just bad. It's still tender to the touch, even this morning.

Today, I'm up a little over 5#. It's sort of depressing to see the number go so dramatically in the opposite direction that I want it to! ::sighs:: I thought I gained less this time than Round 1, but I was mistaken. I gained the same amount this time as last, so I'm priming the pump for another large weight release!

This time around, I'm planning ONLY 40 days. Last time, I went until I ran out of drops (then I found about 20% of a bottle about a week into P3). This time, at least right now, the plan is just 40 days and 40 nights.

Another great addition to this round is that Mom is joining me! She got her HCG from professionalsupplementcenter.com rather than from the place I originally got mine (incidentally, that's the exact same brand as the HCG I used in Round 1 and is the same brand as what I'm using in Round 2). She didn't want to pay for the support when she's already got someone who knows the ropes, which I can completely understand. Mom watched me go through the whole last round, which is another reason she's so confident. Then, she's got one more confidence booster in her back pocket, which is the free support offered by pounds-and-inches.com. When I couldn't get hold of Tami for whatever reason, they were always johnny-on-the-spot about emailing an answer back to my questions. I highly recommend them.

So. What's on the menu today?

I have no idea. lol.

I don't want to think about food, after the last two days.

Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be out of our cookbook, because I have NO creative spark about food right now! lol. Maybe the Non Ton Soup. That sounds like a good meal to have on a soon-to-be-snowing day, doesn't it? I'll have to thumb through it and see what there is to see.

The other thing I've got planned this Round, is some testing. I tested until I was blue in the face and couldn't test any more while in Maintenance and found some really great things to add to our toolbox. Things like a 3-4# correction using the Apple/Cheese Day. Someone asked me the other day if I'd heard about that. I had to laugh, I loved it! It's great to know that something you've created to help other people is getting attention and being used. Anyway, I'm in the middle of writing up a book on additional corrections I discovered for P3 and P4. There's over 15 of them! But all that testing got me to thinking about P2 and how I could tweak it - just a little - to get better results there, too. I'll be poking at those theories this time around. Even Mom is trying one of them out for me! It's the most conservative one, but she's still testing... Hahaha!

I strongly believe that we should be marrying the best of history and the best of what we know know to come up with the best possible solution the to problem posed (in this case, releasing weight).

So, day one of the VLCD! I'm so pleased it's here!


  1. on the left hand side you have a link saying you get your hcg from the place you linked that your mom is getting hers but then say it is different from where you get yours, just confused and want to make sure you have actually used that product before I order it. It is half the cost of what I paid last time around and I thought I was getting a great deal! This will a great relief to my wallet when I start again next week! Thank you so much for doing all this work for us YOU ROCK SISTER!!!!


  2. I can certainly see where that would be confusing! Originally, I ordered from Tami at Daniel's. The product itself is the exact same thing - same brand, same manufacturer. BUT! The new site is a better deal, because:

    1) No shipping costs.
    2) No required support package necessary.
    3) No required vitamin package necessary.

    Tami gave me a call and explained that she needed to stop selling just the hcg and start selling her support package that includes vitamins. That's great and I completely used her my first round, but not everyone wants to pay $175 for the package deal. They just want the hcg and to do it themselves. That's where the new site comes in. $24.99 (no shipping or handling) for the exact same stuff I was getting from Tami.

    Does that help clear it up?


  3. i can't wait till i get to load again! ;) 4 more weeks. ;) have fun loosing!


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