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Test: Report from Emily

Another of my friends reported in this morning (thank you Emily!) that she experienced a 2.4# weight release when she went through the test parameters... Great news that three of us are getting the similar results with this!! I'm so excited to have a new tool in my toolbox! If nothing else, it could be used in place of the steak day to keep the weight stable.

I'm a self professed close observer of life as well as a self-experimenter when I like the observations I'm making.

I like options.


  1. Hi! I am sorry I am completely interested but I guess I am not understanding completely what the test is.:) What did you do? That is so awesome and I would love to try it out once I get to P3! Hope your having a wonderful December so far! Thank you!

  2. Hi Caitlin! I've not yet posted the test parameters anywhere, so it makes sense that you wouldn't understand what it is. :) I'm waiting for 10 more reports from other people to come in about the results they found while running through the test parameters as I set up. If we all show significant weight releases, I'll post the whole thing for everyone to read. Promise!


  3. Oh, thank you! That sounds wonderful! Keep up the great work of introducing many different things out there to help people. I truly love reading your blog!

  4. Please post your test parameters. I would love to rest it out myself, even if not everyone who tests it for you has the same results!

  5. I Soooo want to try this!! If you need another tester I am it!!

  6. Thanks Kersten, and akaSkinnyMe!
    I promise I'll post the Test Parameters and the results from all the volunteers I shared it with either tomorrow or the following day (Tuesday or Wednesday)...


    I can't hardly wait to share, either! ::grins::


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