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Blew my own Test Day

Yesterday was Thursday - test parameter day! I was doing great with it until the pipes in the bathroom froze completely up and then one of the joints opted to give way. :( Broken pipes in 0* weather is NOT fun to work on.

At any rate, those are fixed, thanks to my Uncle T coming out and working on them with me (ok, I worked with him - he was lead, cuz while there's 50# less of me, there's still a lot of me and I can't get through the crawl space hole!) until 3 this morning!

Along about 1:00, after 6 hours of being out in the cold, we were both hungry and trying to warm up. I made some chicken sausages in a bun for Uncle T and I had just the chicken sausages. I don't know if that caused the complete mess up or if it was the ... um... NO WATER or it could have even been the being out in the cold and my body thinking it needs to go into STORE THE FAT mode.

Really, it could even be the lack of sleep. I'm *always* in bed by 10:00pm at the latest. Last "night," 4:00am. I don't do well without my sleep, but I think I do worse without water! Hahahaha! But I wasn't about to go to bed with cobwebs in my hair when I had a tub and lovely hot water to bathe in. I had to bathe in luke warm water until my skin stopped stinging after being so cold for so long. I'm gonna *have* to invest in some Carhart bib overalls, you know? I don't really want to buy any clothing right now, though, cuz I expect there to be even less of me than now in just a few short months. Carharts are expensive, too. So, I guess I'll just suffer through that until I'm small enough to fit into the crawl space hole. THEN I'll get the Carharts. A gift for myself? ::grins::

Regardless, even after my test day, I'm .2# heavier than yesterday. I've also got a lot of water I'm retaining. That could be the cold, no water, or it could even be that I bruised up my knees so bad that I can't even use them to get onto my bed without wincing.

With all of those things combined, I'm not really surprised to see the scale this morning tell me that I'm not allowed to lose. :) Maybe, if I drink enough water today, I'll see the results tomorrow, though?

Today, I'm just going to eat normally, drink gobs of water, go to bed early, and recover.

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