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Planning for Round 2

I took a couple of days "off electronics" for the Christmas break, which is why I've just not been around of late. It's *really* hard to do that! But I'm back now and getting back into the swing of things.

On the agenda is getting back to daily blog posts, finishing up the second book (about the Maintenance part of the protocol and some of my findings during it, including how to better keep things stable), starting two more books (!), and planning Round 2. There's certainly no lack of activity around Boyd these days!

Mom, a couple of neighbors, (I think) my Aunt & her mom are all planning to start the HCG Protocol on Jan 2. That's this upcoming Saturday! I'm excited for Round 2 and it's wonderful to have so much company with it this time. Not only do I have all of the people here around me, but I've got everyone who reads my blog and posts on my facebook page.

SO MUCH FUN! We're all getting skinny!

Look out world - there's going to be a LOT more hot sexy babes this summer than last. Hehehe.

I hope Tami's ready for the "run" on her stock of HCG, lol!

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