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P2: macadamia nut thing

I found this on another forum that was pretty intriguing. Anyone tried it out? I think I'll add it to the list of "to-dos" for January's P2 round. :)

"wow - i tried the macadamia nut thing yesterday (just plain, not mixed with cocoa+coconut oil). mid-week losses had been miniscule, but when i checked in this morning i was down -1.3! and i even ate extra fruit yesterday too!

"it's a trick that some people try and some people have good luck with on p2. i'm in my 5th week of p2 (round 1...i am only doing 1) and just heard about it. supposedly, if you add about 5-10 mac nuts to your intake, just 1-2 times a week, it can help break a stall or a gain, or just speed things a long a bit. it's a risk, because they are high fat (but good fat). i ate probably 10 of them yesterday for the first time, and they were delish."
If you've tried it (or are willing to give it a shot and let us know how it goes), please report in!! :)

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