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3# under LDW

Today, I got up and found a very pleasant surprise... But I have to start with yesterday so you can see why it was such a pleasant surprise. Here's the foods I ate yesterday:

2 20oz cups of coffee with 8oz half-n-half
soup bowl of taco soup with sour cream and cheese on top (I'll get that recipe up for you a little later)
2 apples
2oz yellow sharp chedder
2oz white dubliner's cheese
120oz water

Pretty junky, right?

So, you can see why I was so surprised at my -3# difference this morning, right? I ended the night this way (already included in my list): 1 apple, then the cheeses, 1 more apple, then 2 no bake cookies. I highly suspect that the apple/cheese combo is what did it for me, though the no bakes have a LOT of peanut butter in them. They also have a LOT of sugar in them...

It's just something I've observed. It prompted me to put together a small test (just four people - 3 women and 1 man). TODAY is the test. If it works, I'll post what we did so you can try it out, too. Wish us luck!

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