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This one, of all the tools I'm sharing, is the most difficult one for me. To be still and allow thoughts to just pass you by without judging them is tough! I'm an opinionated person, so it's just difficult to let it go and flow. :)

However, learning to do it (and continuing to learn) helped bring some of the emotional ties I have to both my fat and my food to the fore so I could examine them without judging them. I had to just let the emotions exist and look at the ties, rather than judge them or feel like I needed to defend their existance. I just needed to allow them to be and acknowledge that they were there.

I used the free Silva Method to learn how to meditate.

You'll like it once you learn to do it. It's another one of those things, though, that's easy to over-think and over-do. It's easy, but you have to get out of your way and ALLOW it. :)

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