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I'm part of several blogs, forums, and discussion groups, as I'm sure you've all guessed. A prevalent question from everyone starting their rounds of HCG during Thanksgiving (what a perfect time to do loading days!) is about lotion. You don't have to stop using lotion all together, but you do need to look at the ingredients list to ensure there's no oils in it.

Two lotions I used during P2 are Corn Husker's Lotion and Great Scott Medicated Cream. Of the two, the Great Scott was the best one at keeping dry skin under control, but it's also the more expensive option. Corn Husker's is in just about any store that sells lotion - you just have to ask for it, as stores keep it in strange places sometimes. The Corn Husker's runs between $3 and $4 a bottle and lasted, for me, about 2 weeks in P2. Great Scott, which I can only find in lots of three right now costs about $12.50 a container (including shipping). However, I used so little of the Great Scott on my skin that I still have 2 unopened containers AND about 7/8 of the one I did open. It *really* works well.

Just so you know, I'm not paid for the recommendations I make on my site. I've really used them and like them, so I report it on it so you can use it, too.

I like stuff that "just works," and Great Scott Cream "just works."

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