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Hypnosis - Confidence, Charisma

I used to use my weight as a shield. From what? I used it to keep people away from me so I wouldn't get hurt. It's silly, when I see it written down, because I know that people still saw & continue to see through the weight to my true self.

Today, a tool to help you find your confidence, regardless of your outside appearance. :)

Wendi shares, "You are amazing, really! Want to find out why? Get ready, close your eyes, relax and enjoy!"


  1. I am the same way. I seriously feel that people do not take the time to be friend me because of my weight. I met one woman who took the time in my neighborhood and we have an amazing friendship. I have noticed that since I have lost 70lbs people are a lot nicer to me. It is so sad that people have to judge us on our outer appearance.

  2. Indeed it is, but it also seems to be human nature. Probably, it's got something to do with survival of the fittest and mirroring those you hang out with.

    You know how kids are so brutally honest that they're mean? Maybe all those kids just never got instruction on how to look to the spirit-person. They're still just hung up on seeing the body-person.

    I don't know. I do know that I feel better for realizing that I used weight as a shield and have decided - consciously - to take it down. It's really a very poor shield. :)


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