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Raspberry Sorbet

Tonight, we present something that happened a little by accident. A happy accident to be sure, but an accident none the less. It was supposed to be a variation on the recipe that Jennifer sent in for her Strawberry (Forgo the Tequila) Margarita. But with the frozen berries, we had to do some alterations to make the blender blend!

What we did is below - it's a great desert recipe that you ought to keep in your back pocket while in Phase Two of the hCG Protocol. :)

Here's the sharesies:

Raspberry Sorbet (32 calories)
1/2c frozen raspberries (32 calories)
15 drops Berry stevia
1/2 can Orange Zevia
1/4c water
Blend the ingredients together and enjoy with a spoon! YUMMY!

1 comment:

  1. That looks delicious!! Thank you for posting!!


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